IST’s team is working with cutting-edge robotics on two exciting automation work cells currently in development. These projects showcase our ability to deliver solutions for a wide range of applications.

Micro-Scale Part Pick and Place with Fanuc Scara:

Our first work cell tackles the intricate task of rapidly picking and placing microscale parts with precise control. To achieve this, we’ve integrated a Fanuc SR-3ia Scara robot with a camera, optimized lighting, and an Asyril vibratory feeder. This combination allows our vision system to identify correctly oriented parts within the feeder and pick them up rapidly, regardless of initial rotation. The Fanuc SR-3ia was selected for its compact size, throughput speeds, field reliability, and excellent service. Over the next month our team will complete build, programming, and integration of this system.  The image below shows the robot on a simple test stand to enable our programmers to setup code prior to the entire automation work cell (not shown) being built. We look forward to meeting and exceeding our customers needs in the months to come.

Large-Scale Automation with Kuka Robots:

While we excel at small part material handling, IST also has a team of experts with extensive experience in designing and building large-scale material handling systems. Our second work cell underway features two powerful Kuka KR 140 R3200-2PA industrial robots. This will be used to handle a heavy end of arm tooling as well as the need for large reach and access in an automation line.  Our process will be able to handle a wide variety of parts with over 100 product variations being presented to this robotic work cell.

To ensure accurate picking of these diverse products, we’re integrating custom multi-zoned vacuum grippers with the robots. Additionally, Cognex vision cameras will be employed to further enhance the picking process. It’s important to note that IST’s dedication to thorough analysis was a key factor in winning this project. Through extensive robotic simulations conducted collaboratively with Kuka’s team, we were able to demonstrate the need and benefits of two robots to achieve optimal cycle times, ultimately surpassing our competitors. Safety remains paramount, and we’re currently installing guarding and completing custom robotic welded pedestals to securely fasten these powerful robots to our factory floor.

These projects highlight IST’s robotics and imaging capabilities. Our team is adept at tackling challenges across the spectrum, from small-scale precision handling to large-scale automation. We look forward to partnering with you to develop innovative solutions that meet your specific needs. Stay tuned for more to come on these projects.

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