For over 20 years, IST has been a leader in precision engineering and automation. We specialize in tackling complex challenges, including intricate robotic EOAT tooling, nanoscale motion systems, advanced laser processes, and high-precision pick-and-place solutions for microscopic parts.

IST Precision

However, IST is expanding its offerings to encompass larger-scale automation and manufacturing process development. To accommodate this growth, we recently acquired the entire building, bringing our total space to 20,000 square feet. This expansion empowers several key strategic initiatives:

  • Increased Capacity and Parallel Projects: Our larger automation machine design and controls teams can now handle more projects simultaneously. This eliminates the phased approach necessitated by our previous space constraints. We can now manage large-scale material handling projects through design, fabrication, and factory acceptance testing concurrently. Additionally, our new, modern, and air-conditioned warehouse optimizes assembly operations, especially during North Carolina’s hot summers.
  • Enhanced In-House Capabilities: Our expanded shop services allow us to bring more capabilities in-house.  In particular, our new welding and fabrication area enables us to create large-scale weldments in-house, ensuring adherence to our strict quality standards, and project deadlines. The shop also features several multi-axis CNC machines for rapid prototyping of parts for both internal development and customer production runs.
  • Streamlined Electrical Integration: Our expanded assembly warehouse now houses a dedicated electrical machine panel shop. Our certified electricians can handle build-to-print projects for electrical cabinets, keeping panel builds in-house to maintain project schedules.
  • Advanced Prototyping and Testing: The expansion includes state-of-the-art electronics, optics laboratories, and additive manufacturing capabilities. This is crucial for IST’s growing precision engineering team, allowing for quick turnaround prototyping and testing before full-scale automation machine design. This focus on cutting-edge technologies sets IST apart in the southeastern US.

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If you’re in the area, we invite you to contact us for a tour of our new facility!

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