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IST Precision offers our services in several areas of engineering and manufacturing. The scope of this work typically fits within at least one of three broad categories in instrumentation, automation or product design. We leverage our deep knowledge in precision machine design, sensors, mechatronics, and many other areas to meet your level of expectation.

IST combines our skills in mechatronics, simulation and analysis, flexure design, and custom sensor design to develop novel automation systems for manufacturing and other production processes. These systems range in complexity from precision positioning using pneumatic slides, linear motor, rotary spindles, to pick and place mechanisms, and precision polishing systems. We routinely integrate piezoelectric actuators, frameless motors, encoders, steppers, precision optics, lasers, and sensors into advanced automation platforms. These systems have demanding requirements with respect to positioning capability, dynamic performance, settling times (micro to milliseconds), and often require integration into more complex systems. We further understand different engineering scales and adapt systems over these scales to meet key performance requirements in compact footprints.

IST develops precision instrumentation systems that are state-of-the-art combining commercially available components or by designing custom components to most effectively meet our customers’ needs. Our capabilities range from developing products for customers that will expand their preexisting product line to developing instrumentation used in automation processes to enhance the precision manufacturing processes. These technologies encompass systems including:

  • A benchtop chemical elemental analyzer
  • Single and multi-axis nanopositioning stages
  • A multi-degree-of-freedom interferometric system for precise calibration of linear motion
  • A Microscale coordinate measuring machine probes to measure deep reactive ion etched features for MEMS
  • High-speed roundness measuring gauge for the aerospace industry.

Product development is where function meets form.  IST Precision provides product design services to help our customers achieve a product that is packaged ergonomically with an intuitive user interface while being cost effective, manufacturable, and robust. We provide both the technical expertise and product design to enable a superior performing and visually pleasing product to be realized so that our customers’ brands will differentiate in the market space. Our experience spans from the alpha development of nascent technologies, transitioning a customer’s alpha version to a complete product, to full-scale industrial design for high volume products.  Our facilities have a state-of-the-art electronics shop, a mechanical shop, 3D printing capability, and CAD workstations. These tools give us a unique advantage to provide you a complete turnkey solution anywhere from alpha development all the way to complete industrial design.

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