About IST Precision

Our Background

Who We Are
IST Precision Inc is a high tech engineering and manufacturing company established in North Carolina that focuses in developing precision automation processes and product development.
Our company was established in 2001 by Drs. Shane and Bethany Woody who have an in-depth background in precision engineering and manufacturing.
Expert Staff
Our staff is passionate about solving challenging problems brought to us by our customers who work on the cutting edge needs in their industry.  Our staff has expertise in design of automation systems, precision instrumentation, and product development.
Federally Funded Grants
IST Precision has been awarded over $1M in federal grants from the National Science Foundation, NIST and DOD agencies to develop advanced metrology technologies.
Our staff is well disciplined in many fields of engineering which generally encompasses mechatronics a combined discipline of mechanical, electrical, and computer programming fields.
Leveraging Precision in Automation
Our unique skills in precision engineering have enabled our customers to tightly control dimensional and positioning accuracies in automation with unprecedented speeds.